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The Big Fat Gaining. 158 Pounds. S01E17 :iconjaytee-faartist:JayTee-FAArtist 85 33
Sasha's Modeling Career. Ch.4 No Slim Bodies
Music filled the Auditorium as the dim lights gave the room a seemingly magical glow. Sasha and her friends looked at it from behind the bleachers out of sight “I got to admit we did a good job on both fronts” Sasha boasted “My enemies are huge and the dance looks like a complete success, good job everyone!” she giggled as she stood in her gallant orphan blue dress, looking at the friends who that made it possible. “oh I just love you guys! You all worked so hard just to make my silly dreams come true.” Sasha sniffled and wiped a tear from her eye. Stephanie smiled and hugged Sasha “Don’t cry Sasha we’re glad to do it… Ok that was a lie your schemes are often overly complicated and way too spontaneous, but we’re more than willing to do it for you.” tears ran down Sasha’s face as a grateful smile filled her face as she reciprocated the hug “Thanks, Steph, I know I’m not the easiest friend to have b
:iconhyperblob:hyperblob 4 2
Sasha's Modeling Career. Ch.3 Magical Mishaps
It had been a week since Valerie had returned from break and she was already panting on the treadmill, Sweat dropping from her forehead as she entered minute fifteen of her run. Already her tubby red body drenched in sweat. Her stomach bouncing up and down as she ran. her butt swaying one side to the next as the treadmill forced the poor girl to keep moving. Her breast bobbed wildly with each step while being constrained by the navy blue sports bra. She turned off the machine and got off trying desperately to catch her breath. She reached into her backpack and pulled out her favorite brand of chocolate bar. She unwrapped it and began gobbling down the tasty treat. She sighed after finishing the last bite “I probably should have gotten the low-fat kind..” she tossed the wrapper into a nearby trash can. She wiped her brow “Maybe I should take off for the day… then again, those chocolates didn’t exactly help my workout.” she felt her flabby stomach and
:iconhyperblob:hyperblob 5 1
Sasha's Modeling Career. Ch.2 Little Red Book
The dusty yet comforting smell of the library went in and out Stephanie’s nose. She was sitting at a wooden table near the romance section. She had a few pages from the book open and covered by some other regular book so she didn’t get stuck reading it.  She casually gazed at her phone and got a picture of her target Haley. A blonde coyote girl, fit and currently sporting a sprained ankle. “Where is she?” she thought “I’d better not miss breakfast because of this” she heard her stomach rumble and rubbed her soft round pudgy belly through her shirt to try and ease it. The impolite growling of her tummy would be far more embarrassing if the only people there weren’t her and the old librarian. When Sasha said Haley liked coming early she wasn’t kidding. It was 6:45 in the morning and while Haley was a fitness nut who always worked out early, she apparently she always made time for the newest romance novel. At least according to Sa
:iconhyperblob:hyperblob 6 2
Mature content
No Lunch Break! Page 15 :iconkipteitei:KipTeiTei 589 83
The Big Fat Gaining. 156 Pounds. S01E16 :iconjaytee-faartist:JayTee-FAArtist 101 36 The Big Fat Gaining. 154 Pounds. S01E15 :iconjaytee-faartist:JayTee-FAArtist 81 7
Mature content
No Lunch Break! Page 14 :iconkipteitei:KipTeiTei 661 208
Minerva's Diary - Part 2 :iconlordstormcaller:LordStormCaller 410 23 Revenge of the Blubber :iconlordstormcaller:LordStormCaller 382 17
Mature content
Heavy Hunt -unfinished 4of4 :iconjaytee-faartist:JayTee-FAArtist 219 87
Heavy Hunt -unfinished 2of4 :iconjaytee-faartist:JayTee-FAArtist 212 7
Mature content
Lynn's Arcade Lesson 04 :icondr-black-jack:Dr-Black-Jack 80 4
Mature content
Peaches Big Break :iconkawaiidebu:kawaiidebu 435 4
Flight of the Valkyrie Round 3 :icongoblinhordestudios:GoblinHordeStudios 500 24 A Vicki special update. :iconthunderkid92:Thunderkid92 82 23


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